I will be starting in Blaine, WA, at the Canada - USA border crossing.  From there I will head south, following (roughly) Adventure Cycling Association's Pacific Coast route:

ACA Pacific Coast Route

Except in Port Townsend, where I will head west, instead of south as ACA does:

projected route in red - ACA route in black

This will let me get to the coast sooner, and should be a lot nicer of a ride.  It won't add too many miles to the whole trip, and I think it'll be worth it.  May be a little wetter though...

Another change will be in southern CA, where I will ride down the Lost Coast and bypass the Avenue of the Giants - a lot of people have told me this one of the busiest and most dangerous stretches of road on this trip.

I have allowed myself plenty of time to relax and let my body rest.  Basically, I'm not in a hurry, and I really don't want to have everything planned out.  That, I'm hoping, should be the half the fun.

My final destination will be the Mexican border.  My original "plan" was to stroll into Tijuana just to have one beer, but since I don't think I'll have my passport lined up that may not happen.  After I hit the border, I'll ride back to the San Diego Amtrak station, where I'll hopefully be catching a train back to the great PNW.