Monday, June 20, 2011

day eight

June 17th
Grays Harbor Hostel - Elma, WA to Louis and Clark State Park
62 miles

Woke up at 6:15AM.  So nice not to worry about my tent in the morning.  Jim invited me into his home for coffee.  Talked for awhile.  Shared stories of his bike touring days and his adventures in Alaska.  Hope to be as active as him when I'm his age.  Offered me some work when I get back - might take him up on it.  Told me to get better at disc golf and named every course within 30 miles of Gig Harbor.

Left around 8:00AM, already hot out.  Gonna be a great day.  Crank arm bolt still tight, knee feeling great.  Almost zero hills to Centralia.  Looked around for the bike shops that were listed on my maps.  Both out of business.  Shit.  Next bike shop is in Astoria, hoping it'll hold on til then.

Lunch at Picasso Cafe, roast beef and swiss.  Some pretty good hills outside of Centralia - payback for my easy morning, I suppose.  Great weather.  Set a new speed record for the trip at 38.5 MPH.

Arrived at Louis and Clark SP with plenty of spots left.  Carlon meeting me tonight at the campground, she'll be following me for the next couple days.  Really excited to see her.  Got a regular camping spot since she will be bringing the Jeep and big tent.

Showered and hung out in camp, almost 80 degrees. Carlon showed up around 8:00PM.  Great to see her and Flower finally.  Feels like much longer than a week.  Flower actually looks bigger, but maybe I'm just seeing things.  Hung out and roasted hot dogs over the fire.

According to my maps, the biggest climbs of the Washington route are coming tomorrow.  Not really looking forward to it, but legs are feeling good.  Hoping to get to State Line Campground along the Columbia River, 10 miles outside of Cathlamet.  Very excited to see the river and Oregon for the first time tomorrow.
morning fog outside Elma

Chehalis River

Chehalis River

first glimpse of Mt. St. Helens...barely

in camp before Carlon showed up


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