Monday, June 20, 2011

day nine

June 18th
Louis and Clark State Park to Toutle RV Park
18 miles

Rained all night long.  Alarm set for 6:15AM, still pissing rain.  Decided to wait an hour and see if it will let up.  Didn't.  So fucking pissed, weather was nearly perfect yesterday.

Slept until around 10:30AM, still raining.  Big day off the table.  Good thing Carlon is here or I would be reallllly down right now.

Decided to at least make some progress, no matter how small.  Then we'd visit Mt. St. Helens since it is practically right here.  Might as well get closer to the big climbs that are ahead of me.

Packed everything up wet, and headed down the road.  Carlon found an RV park that I met her at after the ride.  Not a nice place, some real shady characters hanging out inside.  Like I didn't even feel comfortable leaving Carlon by herself.

Still raining.  Started driving up to Mt St Helens but couldn't see a damn thing it was so rainy.  Checked out one of the visitor centers and had a coffee.  Drove back and walked Flower around the river in Castlerock - rain finally let up.  Had dinner (breakfast) at the 49'er - french toast, bacon and hash browns.

Ended up finding a much nicer RV park right across I5, and moved our stuff.  Did laundry, then went to bed around 10:30PM.  Praying for dry weather....anything but rain.  Hopefully seeing the Columbia tomorrow, for real, this time.

damn this state

love to wake up to a wet bike

old advertisement in the middle of nowhere

St Helens should be visible here

along the Cowlitz river in Castlerock

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