Thursday, June 30, 2011

day nineteen

June 28th
Gold Beach, OR
0 miles

Josh woke me up at 3:45AM after what felt like 5 minutes of sleep, and we headed out.  About an hour drive to the hills east of Brookings.  Tired but got an energy drink.  Checked out his job site while it was pouring down rain.  Josh let me play with one of the loaders which was fun. 

Drove back into town, got in around 8:30AM.  Took a nice nap until around 12:00.  Hung out around the house, went to the river, lunch downtown.  Had a huge milkshake.  Hung out around town and had a few beers.  Went to tuesday taco night at the local dive bar.  Hell of a good time.  Got back to the house, hit the sack around 10:30PM.

*kicking myself for forgetting my camera the rest of the day, hence no afternoon pictures*

this would have been sunrise

fucking around in the loader

I wasn't very good at it, but still fun

dreary morning

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