Monday, June 20, 2011

day ten

June 19th
Toutle RV Park to Norblad Hostel - Astoria, OR
70 miles

Woke up at 6:15 to no rain!  Packed up camp with Carlon.  Set off with a goal to reach Cathlamet, WA - 41 miles.  Long climb that I was dreading sucked, but I made it.  Had a nice, long descent.

Made it to Hwy 4.  Couldn't quite see the Columbia, but did see Oregon for the first time!  Spirits really high.  20 miles left to Cathlamet on Hwy 4.  Lots of traffic at 55MPH, and hardly any shoulder.  A lot of people fishing off the road.  Rain off and on.

Arrived in Cathlamet around 12:00 with Carlon waiting for me.  Nowhere suitable to camp, and nothing really in Cathlamet to keep us entertained.  Not really wanting to stay here.  Stopped and had lunch at a pizza joint and discussed options.

Decided to tough out the last 30 miles and get to Astoria a day early, rather than do a small day tomorrow.  We both really wanted to hang out in Astoria as much as possible, so I decided if I made it there, I'd take a rest day and we could spend all day tomorrow hanging out.

Finished pizza and headed out.  Really not wanting to do the extra miles, especially since the maps say there are "some long climbs over headlands".  Made it to Puget Island where I took a small ferry to Westport, Oregon.  It was faster for Carlon to drive this way too, so she also took the ferry.

Finally in Oregon.  No time to celebrate as I wasn't really in the mood.  Starting to rain.  Rode out the long, shitty trek to Astoria.  I hate riding this late in the day because of the extra traffic.

In Astoria!  I love this town so far and have always wanted to visit.  Very excited to explore.  Booked a private room at Norblad Hostel - not bad.

Walked around with Flower downtown and all along the waterfront.  Had an IPA at the Wet Dog Saloon/Astoria Brewing Co.  Excellent.  Walked to Fort George Public House, had another IPA, appetizers and enjoyed some funky live music. 

So... tired....  Can't wait to sleep in, and looking forward to a fun day tomorrow.

intersection at Hwy 4 looking South, Oregon in the distance

first view of the Columbia

at the ferry dock, Washington side

waiting to get on

headed to Westport

navigating a narrow channel

was hoping the Welcome to Oregon sign would be a little more... exciting

entering Astoria

towards Washington

bike safely locked in the room, nice not to worry for once