Thursday, June 16, 2011

day five

June 14th
Kitsap Memorial State Park to Twanoh State Park
43 miles

Left camp around 9:15AM.  Need to wake up earlier or pack faster.  Got up at 7:30 but still took forever to leave.  Coffee takes awhile too.

Light rain in morning, wore full rain gear for first time.  Stopped raining about an hour into ride.  Right knee starting to bother me, not sore like everything else.  Hurts when pedaling.

Rode right past my old work in Bremerton and Red Apple Diner, where we used to go to lunch every Friday.  Weird.  Stopped on Autocenter Way, stretched and sat down in the grass for a bit.  Knee felt fine after that.  Need to add stretching to daily routine.

Planned to meet my Dad in Belfair at 2:00PM for lunch.  Big hill leaving Bremerton, had to stop 2 or 3 times.  Rode Old Belfair Hwy, long and depressing.  Got to Belfair a little early and got a coffee and waited to meet my Dad.  He showed up and we BS'd for a while.  Bought me a huge sandwich, a V8, and some water.  Really good to see him and talk.  Jokingly offered me a ride to Twanoh State Park which was really hard to turn down.  Very hard to leave and say goodbye.  Especially knowing all I had to do was say the word and my bike would be in the back of his truck and he would take me home.

Anxious to get to camp for some reason.  Very small shoulder on the way to Twanoh SP.  Knee hurting again.  Arrived at the park, very nice.  Camped right next to a small creek.  Stretched but knee is really hurting, blister or something on my left foot as well.  Thinking about a rest day tomorrow.  Was planning on 60 mile day to Elma tomorrow.  Showered, ate other half of sandwich.  Looked at Oregon maps - getting very excited.

*not much to take pictures of today*

in camp

Twanoh SP waterfront

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