Friday, June 24, 2011

day twelve

June 21st
Norblad Hosel - Astoria to Wright Campground -Cannon Beach
32 miles

Out of bed at 6:00AM, started packing stuff.  Left Carlon at the hostel and hit the road around 7:15AM.  Foggy.  Going to be another nice day.

Rode quiet country roads to Seaside.  Cruised the waterfront boulevard in town, fog starting to clear.  Hopped on 101 for the first time out right out of Seaside.  Faced first big Oregon coast climb.

Arrived in Cannon Beach around 10:00AM.  Checked into camp and unloaded stuff while I waited for Carlon to get into town.  Weather is perfect.  Went by the waterfront - Haystack Rock is freaking amazing.  Never been here before.

Carlon pulled in around 12:00PM and we had lunch at Bill's Tavern Brewery.  Another good cheeseburger.  Walked to the beach with Flower and hung out around town.  Farmer's Market today.  Crowded in town.

Carlon had to leave around 6:00PM so we said our goodbyes.  Much harder this time around.  Had an absolute blast the past couple of days with her.  Wish she could follow me the whole way.

Organized camp after she left, showered, ate dinner - chicken noodle soup.  Feeling pretty down.  Going to aim for Tillamook tomorrow, up bright and early.

back roads to Seaside

hills outside of Astoria

Seaside boardwalk

looking toward Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach waterfront

looking north

picture really doesn't do it justice

Flower in heaven

a very rare glimpse of her tired

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