Friday, June 24, 2011

day eleven

June 20th
Norblad Hostel - Astoria, OR
0 miles

Slept until 8:30AM, really sore.  Walked Flower to get a coffee.  Came back, got changed and took her for another long walk.  Nice weather today.  Really excited to go to the Maritime Museum.

Walked down to the waterfront, then to the museum.  Ended up spending hours in there.  There was a special exhibit on the history of sailor tattoos, which was awesome.  Learning about the Columbia River Bar Pilots was really interesting, too.

Walked around downtown.  Had lunch at Fort George Public House, good food.  Drove to see the Goonies house.

Rode down to bike shop to finally get crank arm issue resolved.  Mechanic was really cool and happened to have a replacement crank arm as well as bolts.  Talked for awhile and $20 later I was out the door.  Bike pedals sooo much better now.  No more clunk.

Drove to Fort Stevens State Park and walked to the ocean beach.  Awesome seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time on this trip.  Weather still perfect.  Fun seeing Flower play in the sand for the first time, she loved it.

Had Safeway chinese and snacked for dinner.  Spectacular day, SO much fun and exactly why I wanted to take a trip like this.  Looking forward to more cool places.

Hoping to make it to Cannon Beach tomorrow.  Pretty short ride, but since Carlon is leaving tomorrow I wanted to be able to spend as much time with her as possible.  Plan on getting up around 6:00AM, should be a fun ride.

*lots of pictures.  for you old timers - click on the picture to make it bigger, then again to zoom in*

Maritime Museum entrance

the Norblad

view from our room

took this of the 44 footer for you Dad, they don't allow cameras but I was able to sneak a picture

from the outside - best I could do

the Goonies house

I don't think I've ever actually seen the movie...

fisherman's wharf

beach at Fort Stevens State Park - Flower was afraid of the waves

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