Thursday, June 9, 2011


Well, the time is finally here - I'm leaving tomorrow.

Finals are done, thank fucking god.  I don't quite have everything packed, but hopefully I will by the end of the day.

I have been riding as much as I can in order to give my body some sort of warning to the punishment I'm going to (try to) put it through.  I loaded up the panniers with a bunch of tools and stuff, totaling about 30-40 pounds and rode down to Olalla a few times.  I made sure to go up Nelson Rd, which features a pretty good hill.  It was brutal, but got slightly easier each time.

It was hard to get used to all the weight.  Once you get going its not so bad, but balancing it is a little tricky.  When you are digging deep climbing a hill, the weight tends to swing side to side.  But you get rewarded when coasting down hills, max speed thus far is a slightly weak 34 MPH ( I aim to get closer to 45).

one loaded training ride to Ollala

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