Friday, June 24, 2011

day thirteen

June 22nd
Wright Campground - Cannon Beach to Cape Lookout State Park
62 miles

Woke up at 6:00AM, very slow to get moving.  Hit the road around 7:15AM.

Encountered first tunnel of the trip.  Few big climbs but rewarded with great views.  Passed through lots of small touristy towns.  Mist/drizzle on and off.

Arrived in Tillamook around 11:00AM.  Had lunch/breakfast at The Pancake House, awesome food.  Met 3 other bikers there from Portland, who were doing a short tour to Newport.  Chatted for awhile about state parks and bike routes, two of the guys had done all of the California coast.

Left Tillamook and rode the Three Capes Scenic Route.  Hilly and poor road conditions made for a bitch of an afternoon.  Arrived at Cape Lookout State Park around 2:30PM.  So much nicer than Washington state parks.  $6 as opposed to $12, and free hot showers with no time limit.  Brand new facilities.  Cool rangers too.  BS'd with one about bike touring for a while.

Set up camp, took a nice long shower, then took a nap.  Cooked dinner - beef stew, could barely eat it.  Biker couple came over and said hi and invited me to the beach for a fire.  Said sure, even though I wasn't in the mood to be social.  I felt unusually tired and depressed for some reason.

Walked down to the beach a while later and sat down around the fire.  Turned out to have a fun time talking, nice couple.  They are headed north, ending their tour in Astoria.  They told me they encountered 30 MPH headwinds in southern Oregon and actually had to take a bus to the next campground.  Crazy. 

Hung out for a while then crawled into bed around 9:00PM.  Not sure exactly where I'll make it tomorrow.  Biggest climb in Oregon right down the road.

outside Cannon Beach

Arch Cape tunnel

looking South

entering Tillamook Bay

stack in Garibaldi

500 miles!

view from state park

beach at Cape Lookout, looking north

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