Sunday, June 12, 2011

day two

June 11
Larrabee State Park to Deception Pass State Park
approx 33 miles

Left the campsite around 10AM, and said goodbye to Carlon.  Headed off feeling tired, didn't get much sleep last night.  Legs pretty stiff, but I can walk.  Made it to Hwy 20 and stopped for lunch at the Farmhouse and had a whiskey bacon burger.

Rode on 20 for awhile, which is a pretty major freeway.  Was able to bypass it for awhile right after the bridge.  Got back on 20 and headed towards Deception Pass.  Lots of traffic being a Saturday and almost 75 degrees.  Worried about not finding a camp spot.  Legs feeling tired but keeping up for now.

Made it to Deception Pass Bridge.  Awesome.  TONS of traffic.  There's no shoulder on the bridge, so I decided to take the walkway on the side so I didn't start a major traffic jam.  Kinda felt bad because there where lots of people walking and they could barely squeeze by me with all my stuff on the back of the bike.  Especially this one lady who looked scared shit-less being on the bridge in the first place.  I said sorry as her husband held her close as they shimmied by me. 

There was a strong ebb tide with lots of kayakers messing around in the tidal pools.  Fun to watch.

Arrived at Decepttion Pass State Park, plenty of biker sites left.  Showered, ate some chili, tried to take a nap but couldn't sleep.  Ridiculous amount of people camping here - looking forward to the weekdays when hopefully there will be less people.  Looking forward to getting to Port Townsend tomorrow - lot of good memories there.  Trying to find info on the Olympic Discover Trail that I heard will take me from Port Townsend to the coast.

Took a walk and hit the sack at around 830PM.  Hoping to get out of here by 9AM.

I forget the name of this river

taking a breather

nice trail along the water (low tide)

cool old boat shop

bridge on Hwy 20 over Swinomish Channel

Deception Pass

there's kayakers down there

in camp

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  1. It's really great to read that you are starting your adventure on a great vibe. I recall being there a little under two years ago and really wish you nothing but the best. I will write you an email or FB message with some more personal thoughts soon but for now nothing but love and keep on keeping on.