Thursday, June 30, 2011

day sixteen

June 25th
Honeyman State Park to W. M. Tugman State Park
30 miles

Woke up around 8:00AM, nice not to have to rush in the morning knowing its going to be a short day. 

Hit the road around 10:30AM, getting hot already.  Yet another nice day, really lucking out with this weather.

Not much scenery on this stretch.  Met a guy on the road who is headed to Long Beach.  Did the same trip in 1961, so he's calling it his "half-century ride".  Really impressive.  He didn't look much older than 65, so he must have been really young when he went the first time.

Stopped in Reedsport for lunch, Subway.  Groceries at Safeway, learned my lesson from yesterday.

Arrived at Tugman S.P. around 1:30PM.  Set up camp, showered, took a nap.  Fixed dinner, teriyaki noodle stuff and some oatmeal since I was still hungry.  Planning on a 40 or so mile day tomorrow to Bullards Beach State Park.  Lot's of climbing tomorrow, another reason I split up this 70 mile stretch into two days.  Excited to get to Gold Beach in a couple days to see my buddy Josh.  Talked to him on the phone today and it looks like he might have some room for me at his house, awesome.  Alarm set for 6:00AM.

*not much to take pictures of today*

one of the only times I saw the Pacific today

in camp at Tugman S.P.

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