Thursday, June 16, 2011

day three

June 12th
Deception Pass State Park to Old Fort Townsend State Park
32 miles by bike; 6 miles by ferry

Left Deception Pass SP at around 9:15.  Clear and sunny, already hot.  Got lost on a back road and had to backtrack a bit.  Found Hwy 20 somehow and rode it, knowing it was going towards where I wanted to go.  Finally picked up the route down the road a ways.

Lots of nice country on the back roads towards Coupeville.  Stopped at a nice beach with a great view of the Strait.  Encountered first few big climbs.  Had a hard time, can't imagine the hills to come later.  Legs burning, not so much out of breath.

Stopped in Coupeville and had a french dip at the Tyee Inn.  Really cool little town.  Lot's of sailboats in the bay, must be a Sunday race.  Last few miles to the ferry where okay, though I should have waited a while since I was still so full.  Got right in line for the ferry, lady said I was lucky it was late.  Waited for maybe 10 minutes in line.  Lots of Harleys but not very many bikes.  Tons of cars though.  Short ferry ride, NICE weather still.

Arrived in Port Townsend around 2:00PM.  Started asking around about the Olympic Discovery Trail, from Port Townsend to the coast.  Didn't get any info.  Found a coffee shop with wifi and hung out for a while.  Found maps online but didn't have a printer.

Decided to camp at Old Fort Townsend SP, a little ways outside of town.  Stopped at Safeway and got some beef chili and good bread.  Weird guy checking out bike.

Eventually found the park and found the biker spots.  One biker there, who I later found out was deaf and had some physical disabilities.  I felt really bad for being frustrated when climbing up hills when this guy is clearly doing just fine.  Tried to say hi but he didn't really see me.

Set up camp in the back part of the biker area, all by myself.  A little while later, a biker couple came into camp and we said hello.  We got to talking and it ended up they are from Switzerland.  Oliver and Stephanie - really nice people.  They are headed to San Francisco, then west to Florida, or until their 6 month visas expire.  Made a fire and cooked dinner together.  Lots to talk about. 

Stayed up later than I wanted to but had a great time visiting.  Went to bed thinking hard about where I'm going to go.  Still haven't made up my mind about going towards Forks without a map.  Especially with my difficulty navigating with a map.  I'll figure it out in the morning.

beach, San Juan's in the distance

on the ferry

approaching Port Townsend

Port Townsend waterfront, was a nice day - doesn't really look like it here

camp all set up

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