Thursday, June 30, 2011

day seventeen

June 26th
W.M. Tugman State Park to Bullards Bay State Park
43 miles

Woke up at 6:00AM, not much sleep for some reason.  Made coffee, breakfast, and starting breaking camp.  Turned out the 2 Boston guys, Mark and Chip, had made it into camp after I went to sleep.  They had some extra breakfast so they invited me over.  Fun to talk with them about their trip so far, since we have followed the exact same route.  Funny guys.  Stuffed with food.

Hit the road around 9:30.  Looking forward to another shorter day but plenty of climbing to do in this section.  Had some bagels and peanut butter for lunch in Charleston.  Stopped in North Bend and stocked up on goods at Safeway.  Found a Schucks and was able to find more stove fuel.  Definitely feeling the extra weight today, have a lot of food on me now.  Guess I need to find a happy medium with the food supply.

Arrived at Bullard Beach S.P., no bikers in yet.  Set up camp, ate some oatmeal.  Canadian couple in camp next, they are just doing the Oregon Coast.  Kinda jealous they're almost done.  Rode to the beach and soaked in the sun.  Perfect weather, yet again.

Fixed dinner, instant pad thai stuff, edible.  Read maps, looking forward to California but will miss Oregon.  Parks are SO nice here, definitely will be back.

Lots of other bikers in later, none I recognize.  Boston guys must have kept going.  Want to be first one out of here tomorrow, 60 plus mile day to Gold Beach.  Actually looking forward to cranking out some big mileage days again.

just north of North Bend

new war memorial

looking east from the bridge into North Bend

into the hills on Seven Devils Rd

the beach near camp

another great day

Coquille River lighthouse, part of the state park

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