Thursday, June 16, 2011

day four

June 13th
Fort Townsend State Park to Kitsap Memorial State Park
32 miles

Left camp around 10:30AM, said bye to Oliver and Stephanie.  I decided to go south, along with the ACA maps.  It came down to time.  Going towards Forks would have added 4-5 days onto my trip.  If I had more time I would go that way.  The Swiss couple are heading that way, but they're riding 20 miles a day, which would take me all summer to get to the Mexican border.  (They are also carrying a lot more stuff than me, and they smoke!)

Still was debating the decision right up until it came time to turn down Hwy 19.  Made the turn south.  Hope I don't regret it later.

Stopped in Port Ludlow for coffee.  Started to rain.  Took a wrong turn and ended up back on Hwy 19.  Decided not to backtrack and just ride it out.  Lots of traffic at 60 mph.  Started to pore down rain.  Pulled over and got my rain jacket, but rain pants where buried.  Pedaled hard to get to Hood Canal Bridge.  Raining really hard, big fat drops.  Semi's kicking up massive showers of water.  Low visibility, kinda freaked out.  Turned on lights and kept going.  Got to Hood Canal Bridge, wanted to take a picture before but too wet and cold.

Arrived at state park, rain stopped.  Dried clothes as best I could with bathroom hand drier.  Had chicken chow mien for dinner.  Quiet in camp, which was nice.  Hit the sack around 9:00PM, after Ninkasi IPA.

deer crept into camp while making coffee this morning, right next to Swiss couple's tent

hood canal museum/ranger station

in camp at Kitsap Memorial SP

Hood Canal, view from campground

Hood Canal Bridge in the distance

weather looking better


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