Friday, June 24, 2011

day fourteen

June 23rd
Cape Lookout State Park to South Beach State Park
72 miles

Woke up around 6:00AM.  Rained on/off all night.  Misty rain though.  Skipped coffee this morning, feeling lazy.  Mistake.

Took off around 7:15AM, huge climb literally right out of camp.  Passed a guy walking his bike up.  Made me feel better but I felt sorry for the guy.  It turned out he only had a ten speed, so no low gears.  Ouch.

Hit wall around 10 miles outside Neskowin.  ZERO energy.  Felt like stopping and just taking a nap.  Shouldn't have skipped coffee this morning.  Chugged it out to Neskowin and found a coffee shop.  Nothing like some black coffee to get you moving again.  Felt much better.

Awesome ride on an old section of 101 to Otis.  Had lunch at the highly recommended Otis Cafe.  Had their "world famous" german potatoes.  Damn good. 

Decided to truck it out to Newport - weather getting nicer by the hour.  Gorgeous stop in Depoe Bay, lots of people.  I saw gray whales here a few years back, hoping to see some on this trip.

Arrived in Newport.  Found the bike shop everyone told me I have to stop at, Bike Newport.  Laundry, Wifi, showers, lounge, all for free if you buy something.  Closing in an hour.  Decided to come back tomorrow when they open at 10:00AM and have an easy day tomorrow, maybe 30 miles.  Newport is really cool, would like to hang out here tonight as much as possible.

Rode a mile or so past Newport to South Beach State Park.  Another awesome campground.  Set up camp, showered, and rode back into town.  Found an irish pub, Nana's, and decided to have a few beers since I wouldn't be riding much tomorrow.  Had a Reuben and 3 PBR's.  Love this town.

Rode back to camp and hit the sack around 9:30PM.  Lot's of bikers in camp now.  One dude playing guitar into the night, slept with ear plugs.

view during climb

old 101, headed towards Otis

Depoe Bay

Depoe Bay

Looking South, Yaquina Head lighthouse in the distance

still climbing

entering Newport, looking back toward Yaquina head

Newport bridge

marina, taken from the bridge


  1. Hey Pat, I am so happy you got time with Carlon! Sounds like you are having an awesome adventure!!! Keep Going!
    Love, Jane

  2. Keep on truckin'. Hope this goes thru and if it does I will start the commentary. dad.

  3. Cool pix Pat. Oregon looks beautiful.